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Hello, I'm DeeAnn.
We have a lot in common.
 Join me on my journey to Life 2.0!

My Background

DeeAnn Whetstone

I am a wife, mother and grandmother and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

trying to figure out how to "let go" of the struggle in life in order to enjoy happiness, ease and abundance.

About 15 years ago, as my youngest children were leaving home,  I realized that I had arrived! 

I had achieved the goals I had up to that point......and I felt lost. 

It felt a little bit like my life had ended--at least the life I had been living for 30+ years --

the life of caring for my children and preparing them to live their own lives. 

I didn't know what it was I wanted. 

I didn't know how to find it.

That led me on my journey to find Life 2.0 ...

Meditating in Mountains

What I Have Learned


Through my life coaches and mentors, I learned principles of change and tools that have helped me to have clarity for what I want in life and tools that have helped me become the person I need to become to achieve my goals. 


I learned that limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks often keep us from achieving our full potential—many of us give up never knowing how close we are to fulfilling our dreams and desires. 

I learned that we can accomplish so much more, and save precious time, with a coach or mentor—someone who has “been there and done that” – who can guide us past our blind spots, help us face our fears, and open our vision to see new possibilities.
Thanks to the training I received with Dr. Sherry Buffington of Quantum Leap University and Kirk Duncan of 3 Key Elements. I am a Quantum Leap Specialist, RAMP Practitioner, Core Map Facilitator and Elite Mentor.                                                                              

What I learned from coaching helped me find 
a new direction in my life, a new purpose and a new zest for living!  

And since I have made this journey, I love being a guide to help others who desire Life 2.0.


How I Have Helped Others

"DeeAnn has a unique gift for unlocking fears and gifts buried in your subconscious...I cam away from the session feeling more grounded and confident in my abilities."

                                 Leslie Capps

"I was struggling to get up the courage to advertise my business on social media.  DeeAnn took me on a help me uncover several subconscious beliefs behind my fear of action. In less than 2 hours...DeeAnn helped me set my feet more firmly on my mission path."   

                                    Melody Sitze

"Weak things can become a strength! Today I faced a pain-generating fear that I kept locked away. DeeAnn used her...skills to help me unlock that fear, release that weakness and then turn it into a strength! It was an amazing experience. 

                                      Tom Grant

How I Can Help YOU

Scented Candles

Just as I have helped others face their fears, overcome their limiting beliefs and recognize what they want from life, I can help you! Life 2.0 coaching allows you to move forward and achieve the results you desire in all areas of your life.

My clients are ready to create the next chapter of their lives.
They know that it is never too late to become who they were meant to be. 
They are excited at the thought of designing a new future. They have the courage to dream.
The principles and tools I teach are the ones that are helping me become the best version of myself. Not only have they helped me gain clarity and achieve my goals, they have given me confidence to do it.

I am living my Life 2.0!

Join me on this journey and you can see what

Life 2.0 looks like for you!

I know what I want.

I know how to get there.

You can, too!

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