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Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning - RAMP

RAMP was developed by Dr. Sherry Buffington, a doctor of psychology who is “a proponent of very brief therapy–and the briefer the better.”  Believing that traditional methods are way too slow and often too ineffective, she spent many years studying traditional therapy and searching for ways to improve outcomes.  All her research resulted in the development of RAMP.

RAMP is a life-changing process that provides absolutely amazing transformations that occur immediately and permanently!  The RAMP process can achieve more in less than an hour than many forms of traditional therapy accomplishes in years.

RAMP works by allowing you to go straight to subconscious programs that you are either unaware of or, if aware, have not been able to affect at a conscious level.  The process is not hypnosis.  You are fully alert and in total control throughout the entire process.

RAMP was developed around the philosophy that all of your answers exist within your own subconscious mind so your subconscious mind always leads the process.  I simply act as a guide to help your subconscious transform old, ineffective patterns into beneficial ones that help you get the results you want easily and automatically.


*  All of your answers exist within your own subconscious mind

*  Upgrades outdated subconscious programming in 90 minutes or less

*  No need to share intimate details or spend hours rehashing the past

*  The fastest, most effective way possible to get the results you want

*  With RAMP we get right to the heart of the matter, get rid of the presenting problem and move on

*  The rapid results last–they are permanent                                 

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