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Can life coaching really make a difference in MY life?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Can life coaching really make a difference in MY life?

YES! There is power in life coaching. It changed my life and it can change yours, too. It is what I found to help me when I felt lost and didn’t know want I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

In our world today I see a lot of uncertainty

which makes it hard to for people to set goals or even to envision a brighter future. High gasoline prices, rising inflation, war, the pandemic and all that has brought with it, have caused many people to struggle with anxiety. There is worry, stress, doubt and fear.

I see so many people who are stuck. They are confused and afraid to make the important decisions they have to make in life. I see people going through the motions without feeling joy or satisfaction, unfulfilled with the lives they have chosen. There are so many who feel stuck, not knowing how to change their circumstances or where to go for help. So many people are consumed with just trying to survive that they do not have the ability to dream or imagine a better future.

This is where life coaching can make a difference.

First, I want to make it clear that the life coaching industry is not regulated. Life coaches do not have specific guidelines to follow. I can’t speak for every life coach, but as a life coach, I use principles of personal development and tools of change to allow clients to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals. I teach them how the brain works and how to manage their mind and work with their subconscious to create the lives they desire.

I am a coach on FIRE—getting Fast, Impressive, Results, Easily.

My goal is to work with my clients in as short a time as possible and to give them the knowledge and tools to be able to coach themselves, if they desire.

I also want you to know that life coaching is NOT therapy. Therapists diagnose mental illness and look backward to the past to help their clients. Life coaching has a forward focus on helping you realize your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself.

Life coaching is for healthy human beings who are struggling with life—who are just being human and need another set of eyes to help them see their own blind spots and find their own answers. These struggles may include anything from not being happy, to having a fear of moving forward, to going through major life transitions.

Just as athletes have coaches to help them see their blind spots and achieve their full potential, a life coach can help you overcome your limiting beliefs and move forward faster with your goals and desires.

What I love about life coaching is that it opens up the possibilities of what can be.

Since we do have a lot in common, I bet you love that, too.

Call me today and let me know what you can imagine….what possibilities do you see?

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