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What are your limiting beliefs?

We all have them. Those core beliefs that keep us “stuck.”

They keep us from achieving what we want in life—more money,

less weight, unlimited time and amazing relationships—to name just a few.

I love the story told by Mary Morrissey about eight golfers who go out to the fairway and break up into foursomes to play. The first four golfers play eighteen holes, then sit in the clubhouse waiting for the other group to come in. It seems like they wait forever!

Finally, here comes three golfers from the second group. These people are just a total wreck.

A member of the first foursome asks,

“My gosh! What happened to you guys?”

One of them responds, “Oh, it was just awful. On the second hole, Harry had a heart attack.

After that, it was hit the ball and drag Harry. . .hit the ball and drag Harry. . .hit the ball and drag Harry.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Who is Harry? He is our "deadweight."

There are parts of ourselves that we should have discarded long ago—they have died, but we are still holding on to them. We won't let go of our childhood story. We are still holding on to what our spouse did yesterday or five years ago. We are still carrying around the idea that we are not loveable. We are dragging our limiting beliefs!

What is a limiting belief? Just that—a belief that limits what we are able to do. We accept these limiting beliefs from our past as if they are true, when in reality they are just a thought and we are free at any moment to choose a new thought. We are free at any moment to “talk back” to that limiting belief and release its power over us.

One problem that makes dealing with our limiting beliefs difficult, is that the limiting belief is not something we are aware of in our conscious mind. It is a belief stored in our subconscious programming and it is running our life without our even being aware of it.

What I love about life coaching is the awareness it gives us of those limiting beliefs and the tools to not only locate them, but bring them up and out so that we can create the new thoughts that allow us to achieve those goals that we want so badly.

One tool I love is RAMP--Rapidly Accelerated Mind Patterning. In 90 minutes or less I can help you eliminate some of your limiting beliefs and permanently upgrade your subconscious programming which will give you amazing results in your life—immediately!

If you feel "stuck" and you are ready to quit dragging your Harry, click below and let’s RAMP UP your life!

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